Donations made to Kahu O Kahiko non-profit 501(c)3 
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Kahu O Kahiko Inc. a non-profit organization was founded in 1996. Its purpose is to collect, preserve, and protect Hawaiian historical information. Our intent is to share the knowledge and educate others interested in the future of Hawai'i; through the preservation of Hawaiian cultural traditions; by saving sacred landmarks from foreign desecration by promoting, restoring, and protecting the fragile ecosystem of the islands, while also endorsing healthy food, eco-friendly affordable living and life style habits.
Paniolo Project became part of Kahu O Kahiko in 2007, when an acre of land in Eden Roc was purchased in its name with the intent of giving this land back to the Hawaiians, under the administration the board of directors of this Hawaiian non- profit. On this one acre of land, under the labor of its benefactors will build affordable eco-friendly shelters mostly out of pallets.  This is an experiment of off the grid affordable living 
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